My name is Luis Augusto Fretes and I'm from Mexico.

I'm not a developer, but I started a while ago to write a blog about KDE 4.x. Originally, I was making one article per week, but my computer died. Then, when I got a new one, I start writing them again. I though it could be a good idea to have them here at Planet, and, apparently, they administrator thought the same, so he made an exception (because I'm not a developer... yet). If people likes it, it can stay. I truly hope you enjoy reading them as much as enjoy writing them :-)

I will upload a new article soon, but, for those who haven't read this blog (99.999999999% of you probably), I'll put a list with the articles:


Emmanuel said...

Perfecto hermano!!
Me da gusto saber que KDE va tambien en Mexico!

smihael said...


First of all .... great posts.

Maybe you are interested in contributing similar project at

At the begining I use site for presentation of my CrystalMonitor... But now I'm also adding various tuturiuals and how-tos

Portal is Drupal based, this means it is not to hard to add Spanish localization. Think about it and contact me... at

Right now I'm going to translate your articles to Slovene. Of course I'll publish link to English original.