I'm not a designer, but I tried my best to reflect my idea of how a Music Player for KDE could look like. Of course it isn't suppose to look so primitive, but, then again, I'm not a designer.

This is the initial mockup (I hope to publish one article with all windows and sections soon). Hope you like it:

Thanks for your attention :-)


Nivus said...

Excuse me, but doesn't Amarok has all the things your mockup has? Wouldn't it be like inventing weel again?

Milan said...

Your mockup lacks a lot of funcionality. For example a music collection browser. I think it is supposed to be a last.fm client more than a regular music player, because it provides all great features of that service.

myriam said...

Nice proposition, but not very realistic IMHO.

Ivan Čukić said...

Looks nice, but where is the playlist?

razor85 said...

Except for the menu bar and the missing tab for playlists, this should be ideal and ALOT better than the current amarok design

Anonymous said...

Better idea :)

Luis Augusto said...

@Nivus: I don't like Amarok interface, it tries to show everything at the same time, yet, the user is only focusing at one per time.

@Milan: I didn't make the playlist mockup yet, this is just the "Now Playing" section (kinda like how Banshee shows the big cover art).

@myriam: I don't think it's particularly hard, it has a cover art with the basic metadata, a bio (just like Amarok does), similar artist which could provided by last.fm, discography, which can be provided by many services and videos from youtube and pictures from last.fm or other places (Songbird does this).

@Ivan Čukić: In the left side (I didn't draw it) you can select "All collections" and your playlists. What I'm showing is the Now Playing section.

@razor85: The Playlist (Collection and specific playlists) isn't suppose to be a tab, you should select it from the left bar.

@Marcin Baszczewsk: I knew that idea, the problem is focusing on showing too much info at the same time, like Amarok. And, I sincerely, prefer a normal playlist (Amarok 1.4, iTunes, Banshee style). Plus, on hover dialogs on the playlist are completely non-sense. Specially if the playlist has many items, say you want to click the last item of the playlist, then, the dialog is gonna get in your way, either forcing you to scroll or making you make mistake.

Enrico said...

There are some nice ideas in here.
I'm collecting ideas for an "Enhanced Amarok UI" SOC proposal and I'll link to this blog post too ;-)

Stuff I like here:
- the "add service" paradigm
- the "new playlist" button. I don't know what that does, but I'll push it!
- exploration actions like "Find all songs by this artist on your collection" and "Find this artist on all available stores"
- a clean menubar with a nice "Fullscreen mode" button (I like the idea behind that)

Thanks, and keep brainstorming, please!

Damian said...

Personally I hate how the actual music playing is not a priority anymore ... The context info should be something *additional*. You don't read the context info while you're learning with the music or chilling out or on the party ...

Luis Augusto said...

@Damian: I completely agree with you. This is just a section, not the focus of the application, I did it first because mocking-up the playlist (which is a usual playlist) and the "collection viewer" which is used to make a new playlist are harder to mockup XD.