It's the "run command" dialog of KDE, it was already available for KDE 3.5.x, but it got a new appeareance and functions, now it's completely plugin based, and shares your plasmoid theme. I already showed a screenshot of it in the Plasma Article, but here is another one in case you forgot about it:

Quite simple, yet good looking :) If you start writing, you'll get different options based on what you wrote:

However, as I told you, it's completely plugin based, let's have a look at the configuration dialog:

And it gives you fast access to the running processes:

Easy, isn't it? Now I'm going to showcast every plugin :)

As you probably noticed, I'm not using oxygen this time... I'm using bespin.

Find Applications: Based on general usage criterias

Bookmarks: It can search in your bookmarks too, just write the site name, description, or address and you'll get fast access to it :)

Calculator: ... kinda obvious, like the previous one XD:

File Manager Bookmarks: No, that isn't my home folder, it's my windows user folder

Recent Documents:

Unit convert:

Web history:

It can look for contacts, check your spelling, sessions management (shutdown, reboot, log out, etc) and open konqueror, kate and konsole sessions, but I kinda believe that this article has already became a little bit repetitive XD.

Next week: Dragon Player

Stay tuned


Nesa said...

Nice article, keep them coming! :)

Feng Shaun said...

What theme are you using?? It looks nice!

Luis Augusto said...

I mentioned it in the article, is bespin with a custom config file:

Raúl said...

I liked the unit converter, but how do you know how you should type the units? For example how would you use feet? Where can I find this information?

Luis Augusto said...

It's ridiculously easy, for feet, you just write:

5 feet, and it answers: 1.524 m

If you write down KM, it answers on meters, meters on feet, etc.