I decided to make a fast article about KDE on Windows Vista (I would love to make another on OS X, but I don't have a Mac).

When Qt 4 was released developers decided that, thanks to the impressive implementation of Qt, they could easily get KDE to run under Windows. It was a controversial move, but as today, completely irrelevant (tough I hope this changes). The main idea behind this (aside from increasing their market share) is that users get used to KDE applications on Windows, there will be nothing to miss on Linux/*BSD.

It's easy to install, but I think it should be easier, it should be just an .exe file with everything inside (per application).

They seem to take too much time for opening :/ Specially the first one you launch. Resizing on Vista is a hell lot smoother than on Linux (possibly xorg, driver and wm problems mixed), and overall they work just well, and integrate amazingly well..

I won't describe the applications. Just enjoy the screenshot, for in depth covering, you can look at the other articles, and, in some cases, wait for the upcoming review... ;-) (Which will always be in Linux):

Dragon Player is still on queue, along with SMPlayer
Stay Tuned


L4Linux said...

I totally agree with you. If users get used to KDE application on Windows, there will be nothing to miss on Linux/*BSD. Firefox & OpenOffice have already paved the way. K3b & Amarok are hopefully the last pieces of the puzzle for a totally smooth transition to Linux.

Roy said...

I don't use Windows myself. This isn't enough to get me using Windows, because under the hood it would still be fraught with problems. However, if I was a dual booter, I would love the ability to have a the same desktop on Windows and Linux. Also, the configurability that comes with Linux desktops would be welcome in Windows where you are locked into Microsoft's vision.

Michael said...

I hate to say this, but I may spend a little more time in windows if I can use Amarok on Vista. I almost wish they wouldn't port it, so I wouldn't be tempted to violate my own FLOSS kosher laws. Still, I do strongly believe that there will be more people using Linux when they learn how cool KDE apps are in Windows.

Luis Augusto said...

@Michael: That was exactly my reaction when I first heard about KDE 4 on Windows, however, it doesn't work that way, people doesn't know Amarok until they already used Linux/BSD, so they don't ask for it. However, they do ask:

*Can I run iTunes on it?
*Can I run Picasa?
*Can I run PhotoShop?

If they use OSS on Windows they won't find hard to use Linux, since their favourite software is there too.

Rubén Moreno said...

Hey, great blog. You can check some shots I took from KDE 4.1.2 on Windows some months ago:


Luis Augusto said...

Oh, you speak Spanish, that's nice since it's my first language XD.

Nice article by the way, also, I'm glad you liked mines :)

inghamc said...

Off topic - I dig the photo you have of the saxophonist/dancer in gwenview - could you post a url? Thanks!

inghamc said...

Off topic, but I dig the photo of the saxophonist/dancer you have in gwenview - could you post a url? Thanks!

Luis Augusto said...

What? I didn't get it. DId You dig the photography I took of my mom and his husband and you want the url? If that's right, here it is: